since 1.1.2009 there is € in Slovak Republic

Let's make a small publicity to my home country - Slovakia.

Since the beginning of this year SKK (Slovak crowns - local currency) is gone and Slovakia has €. There are a lot of opinions if it's better to keep local currency or not. Mostly people say that everything will be more expensive. If we look back the goods and real estates were getting more and more expensive every year anyway. For sure it will be convenient for people traveling to Slovakia and it will be more than good for business and investors.

€ with the 19% constant tax rate can be quite attractive. Ratings for Slovakia are going up these days. That's especially nice in today's financial markets crisis.

Besides Peugeot-Citroen, Kia and VW manufacturing cars, there is Dell, HP, IBM with quite a lot of employees too. Dell ~1400, HP ~600, IBM ~2300. For a country with 5 millions inhabitants it's quite a lot.

As andy.sh showed in his blog entry the salaries around the world are globalizing. But still those companies found lot of skilled people for a good price in Slovakia.

I wish all the best for the upcoming year to my country!

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