Mobile Web Design

Book Review : Mobile Web Design
Author(s)   : by Cameron Moll
Publisher   : Cameron Moll (January 19, 2008)
ISBN        : 0615185916
Pages       : 108 Pages
Language    : English

Mobile Web Design

The book is quite short - 102 A5 pages. It doesn't go into too much technical details. In my point of view it will be a good introduction chapter for a book about mobile web design. May be that the target audience is not developers but non-technical people, that will run away when faced bigger one.

There are a lot of links and web references. On one hand it's good, as one can go and investigate further, but book assumes that reader goes and really checks the pages. I buy "physical" books to read them while I'm travelling or when I'm somewhere off-line. Scratching the topic and then referring to a blog just keeps me upset because I can not check it right away. So I had to "re-read" the book, extract all the links that were interesting and check them out later.

So the result - Fair introduction for mobile web newbies.