October Bratislava.pm meeting


Last Thursday we have had a Bratislava.pm meeting with two topics.

1st one, thanks to Andrew Shitow, was about code generation or if you want compiling for compilers. He demonstrated this on a finding primes with Perl6 program. It was nice and you can still enjoy this talk on many places that Andrew has on his this year's roadmap. It is an example of reusability, the beauty of code generation and a showcase of a way which to try when doing optimizations. It's also a really good example how we, Perl hackers, want to always do thinks our own way ;-) The speed is nice, but not always and the Rakudo project should not get tied with premature optimization at this stage.

2nd talk, thanks to Emmanuel Rodriguez, was about a game made with CPAN authors - Pexeso. Most of Perl developers don't like to do graphics, JavaScript, web design and graphics effects. Seeing 3D OpenGL effects animating, rotating, zooming in and out done in couple of lines of Perl code looked impressive. And showing this to someone that is asking "why Perl?" might do the trick of convincing.

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