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2009-11-30T12:54:03+01:00 by jozef

CHI -- Unified cache interface


2009-11-28T13:49:19+01:00 by jozef

Systems that Never Stop


2009-11-26T17:17:16+01:00 by jozef

We must keep smoking until the bitter end...


2009-11-24T18:30:42+01:00 by jozef

There is no Chrome "OS"


2009-11-21T15:29:04+01:00 by jozef

simple (stupid?) other XML way arround


2009-11-16T11:38:07+01:00 by jozef

Anyone working on event-based MVC?


2009-11-12T21:22:31+01:00 by jozef

How much is your life worth?


2009-11-11T11:16:47+01:00 by jozef

Beyond the key-value model