6. feed us back

First of all I have to say the form feedback was a big mistake. Or a waste of time? What ever. It is there in ba.pm.org page for >1y now and no one ever used it, besides the two times when I gave a presentation about ba.pm.org on TCPW 2008 and YAPC::EU::2009. Actually it was used but by spammers :-/ I wish all the spammers die with a long and painful dead, sorry but ... but they deserve it!

Back to the feeback implementation. It consists out of four parts - html forms, cgi to process the post, two response pages and a JavaScript for js enabled browsers.

HTML markup is generated from feedback-static.yaml using HTML::FormFu in generate-form.pl to feedback.tt2 and feedback-static.tt2 to be included in the page templates:

# from Makefile
tt-lib/forms/feedback.tt2: etc/forms/feedback.yaml
	script/generate-form.pl --in $< --out $@

tt-lib/forms/feedback-static.tt2: etc/forms/feedback-static.yaml
	script/generate-form.pl --in $< --out $@

feedback-static.tt2 has element id-s and is used for contact page. feedback.tt2 is included in all page headers and is hidden/shown when onClick even is triggered via feedback link in the menu.

About the feedback.cgi I already wrote in a blog entry on use.perl.org.

And about the JS recently in "scraping my self".

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