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    I was inspired by other similar pages that already are in wikipedia and linked from Search_engines - Blackle.com, Sperse!_Search, Info.com, etc. If you remove Meonl.com that please give some reasons why wikipedia keeps the other ones.

    Jozef.kutej (talk) 11:43, 9 January 2010 (UTC)

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The article:

URL http://meonl.com/
Commercial? No
Type of site Search engine
Registration No
Available language(s) English,
Created by Jozef Kutej
Launched January 2010
Current status Active

Meonl is a website powered by any search engine that allows to be run in HTML_element#Frames. Having one input box to do a search on couple of search engines allows to compare the results very easily.



Created as new year 2010 free time JQuery excercise.


Idea is to make use of wide screens to display more than one search engine at a time side by side. While there are just a couple of major search engines there are a lot of local ones that the users will simply not even try. Having split screen leaves the favourite search engine and shows also the results from an alternative one.

The concept of split screen is also a test how the internet users would like the idea of having a lot of information on one screen. If it proves to be useful than the webmasters should start to think of optimizing not only for low screen resolutions but also for high screen resolutions.


As there is rarely one truth answer. There is never one truth search results. Having results from two different companies (that have different people, different culture and different indexes) gives interesting results.


http://search.meonl.com/en/ url accepts two parameters. "s" and "q". Using "s" a list of desired search engine columns can be set. Using "q" the search query is set.


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