The world is not black and white,

and there is no ultimate truth, and... From the computer point of view - it is a chaos. Fortunately from the human point of view it is beautiful. Some will replace the word beautiful for colourful, some for diverse, some for always different, some for pain and some for hell...

We are now right there in this digital age. The are 10 types of people that either understand the binary or not. You like something or not, you use something or you don't, you are right or wrong, you do right or you do wrong, you follow someone or you don't care, you love someone or you hate. Or? No? Or mostly yes? Mostly no? More yes than no?

Now look at it this different way - the world is base 4. Yes? No? Probably yes? More likely no? :-) Who can say for sure? But you are free to choose any of the four answers. Where did I went for the inspiration? In DNA - ACGT. It is there inside us!

I don't mind if you tell me it is bullshit. For someone it is, for someone it is not, some will say most likely it is and some that there is a hope for that idea. :-)

(actually there is also another state - no opinion, but shhhhh don't tell anyone that it's possible to ignore the world)