Wide screen? Let the search engines fight!


Google vs Cuil vs Yahoo vs ...

Wide screen offers a lot of horizontal space so why not to use it and search with two (or more) search engines at the same time? Try search.meonl.com (about).

Where is the Perl there? There in the back. In the name of static can be more the meonl.com files are pure HTML+CSS+JS generated using Template Toolkit ttree and some Makefile rules.

The search.meonl.com page is basically an input box and 1 or more iframes with search engines. Submitting a text in the input box results in reloading search engines with a search url.

Why was the search.meonl.com created? I got an idea how to do the web searches a little different way. But then I've realized - who the hell will try just another search engine??? Well no one of course :-), but if there will be a way to keep Google (or any other major search engine) next to the new one, may there will be a little chance... I will probably never have enough time, money, energy and the rest one needs to start and finish such a project, but at least now there is a way how to compare how good the current search engines are - side by side.

The few days that I'm playing and searching with multiple search engines at once made me realize that, yes - the search engines are different. And yes - the other (than Google in my case) search engines can give better results sometimes. :-)

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