Wrote 2898 entries to output Packages file

dpkg-scanpackages: info: Wrote 2898 entries to output Packages file.
dpkg-scansources unstable /dev/null > unstable/Sources
bzip2 -c9 unstable/Packages > unstable/Packages.bz2
gzip -c9 unstable/Packages > unstable/Packages.gz
bzip2 -c9 unstable/Sources > unstable/Sources.bz2
gzip -c9 unstable/Sources > unstable/Sources.gz
processing unstable/Packages.bz2
apt-ftparchive -c=Release.conf release unstable > unstable/Release
rm unstable/Release.gpg
gpg -abs -o unstable/Release.gpg unstable/Release

real  11m14.629s
user  1m45.227s
sys   1m56.679s

The dpkg-scan* tools are probably not the best solution for such big repository having 2898 packages in one folder..., but given enough patience it works! :-)