Baby simulator

After chatting a bit at #tripwolf irc channel and having fun about the kids I've created following "Baby simulator":

perl -le 'my $FOOD_INTERVAL = 4; my $SLEEP_INTERVAL = 8; my $MAX_RESERVE = 10; while (1) { $SIG{ALRM} = sub { warn "crying\n"; system("echo ".("crying"x1000)." > /dev/dsp"); alarm 1; $reserve--; die "paternity-over => please try again :)\n" if not $reserve; }; warn "waveing and crowing\n"; $reserve = $MAX_RESERVE ; alarm $FOOD_INTERVAL; my $stomach = <STDIN>; alarm 0; print "zzzz"; sleep $SLEEP_INTERVAL; }'

The constants has to be adjusted to a current age of a kid to properly simulate real-life conditions. ;-)

Disclaimer: This software is compatible only with Linux. Upgrade your OS to a supported one® if necessary.

It's too late for Pepl to use it as a training program as his baby was born on 25th of February. I'm sending out this way congratulations to Pepl and Daniela. I wish them that their daughter Ria Johanna will bring a lot of joy and happiness to their life!

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