Take out and pile up


Last Saturday there was my 30th birthday party. I've celebrated with my friends in Bratislava in a place called Bratislava Flag Ship Restaurant. Besides chatting, eating and drinking :-) we played the Jenga game. It was a lot of fun. Thanks to Emmanuel there is a short video of it (embedded below). The video ends after 6 minutes within which we all thought the tower has to fall down by removing any other block, but it actually didn't. It's a nice analogy of what is happening in our daily life => we are taking out and piling up every day in our jobs, relations, families, duties, world... May times we think it's all just going to fall down and collapse in next minute or a day, but it keeps holding up. Well until the really last one... This resembles the racers saying:

The one sure way to find out if you're going fast enough is to crash.

So until the tower is still standing up, there is always at least one more block we can take out. But after the last one we have to start over.