Freedom day for some of the East Europe


Since today the last countries of the EU opened their job markets to the East European countries that use to have a barbed wire fences to separate the European continent. One of them is my home country Slovak Republic bordering with Austria. This is the last step to the freedom of our part of the world. Some people from the both sides of the border fears the change. Change is always dangerous, isn't it? Germany and Austria fears the cheap labour, the "east side" fears that the young, skilled, determined, that are not afraid of the change will once again leave. We'll see. But as following article says, most likely nothing dramatic will happen and on the positive side this step will lead to legalizing work of current black workers:

But some Poles have since returned home and spread the word about the blessings and troubles of working abroad. One key lesson has been that temptingly higher earnings and new work experience are often gained at the cost of performing jobs below one's qualifications, with many Polish university graduates washing dishes in British pubs. Many also find the long separations from family and friends painful.

Some Poles have already been working in Germany as seasonal workers, either illegally or after going through legal hurdles to get work permits. For them, the change offers the chance to legalize their stay or ease their bureaucratic burden.
--Germany, Austria to open to East European workers

The natural borders of the Europe - the language barrier still persists, but that is different story.

Enjoy the greater freedom of movement Europe once again in your history!

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