Summary of Anthony De Mello book - Awareness. It was initially created by Malcolm and then I've added few more points to it. So it's neither his work, nor mine. But it's fun :-) Go on, be doubtful and disagree please.

  • The S (far right side) = the overview, big picture, the summary of what the author is saying: Wake up!
  • The I (far left side) = the author's analysis of the problem, and the current position of people in relation to the big picture: They're Asleep!
  • The E (center) = the role the 'I' has in getting across from the problem to the solution, or from sleeping to waking.
  • The S (far right again) = is the result, end conclusion, the goal of traveling the 'E' to get to the other side: Enlightenment, Peace, Love etc....
Analysis of Situation
Bridge Across - What we can
do to change
What are the results?
(game-plan, goal or strategy)
  • everyone is sleeping, ignorant
  • we are all asses, idiots, fools, monkeys
  • we are sick, self-serving
  • we all live a mechanical, unaware life
  • we resist waking up, resist change - it's painful
  • we love our ideas/projections of people - not people
  • our relationships are all utilitarian
  • our reality is distorted by our own feelings, ideas
  • we identify with our ego, our materialism, our wants
  • we have blocks to awareness like:
  • we focus on what we lack, what we don't have
  • we are driven for fame, power, money
  • we fear loss of the known
  • we are dependent on others, ideas, opinions, things or people
  • we are unwilling to listen to ourselves
  • we have aversion to pain, to the truth
  • we run away when confronted with truth
  • we think our desires, motives, society is real
  • we create false bridges or attempts to cross over (false ways to pursue happiness, truth, reality etc)
  • we are socially conditioned, brainwashed
  • our standards are social norms & conditioning
  • reality is what social conditioning we believe
  • we suffer
  • renouncing things and that makes us stuck to them
  • fighting with the darkness
  • accepting only confirming opinions
  • refusing to see, to understand in order to suppress the pain of change
  • in a rush all the time to minimize the chance to stop, see and understand
  • enjoying organized business to distract and entertain us
  • we have problems in our wery own minds
  • demanding others to live their lives according to our taste
  • we demand approval, appreciation, attention, success, power, support, valuation
  • terrified by criticism
  • dependent on others to be happy or sad
  • we are with inner self conflict all the time
  • choose awareness: we change when we begin to understand, become aware
  • observer & listen to self with detachment, without motive, without care, want, need, manipulation
  • observer to understand who we're being & doing
  • understand we may have false beliefs
  • understand we have self-serving elements in everything we do (think, say, act)
  • be ready to learn
  • stop caring about success, failure, hapiness, money, fame, honor, status
  • drop our judgements, opinions, illusions, pretensions, focusing on wants, problems, desire, concepts, ideology, negative feelings, solid attitude
  • embrace a reality we may not have understood before
  • be ready to be challenged
  • unlearn our social conditioning
  • stop fixing others, stop trying to change others
  • allow tension, suffering, anxiety to pass through us
  • die to self, lose self
  • read scripture
  • suffer enough
  • learn to enjoy life without single word of appreciation, without the option to res the head on someone elses shoulder for support
  • stop emotional dependecies and relations
  • surrender to love, allow love to have us
  • no violence
  • cope with inner conflict, hatred first
  • stop making people good
  • return love for hate
  • include excluded
  • admit that we are wrong
  • don't do anything - understand
  • don't avoid people who create bad feelings in us
  • don't posses things
  • be free and let other be free as well
  • don't try hard - relax
  • stop searching and doing things just to make us feel that we are better then the others
  • see the wonder of everyday
  • identify with our true self
  • tell our best friends that we don't need them, set them free
  • stop travelling - arrive
  • stop adoration - be doubtful
  • have golden heart
  • be free
  • enjoy work, play, laughter, the company of people, pleasure of senses and mind
  • enlightenment, understanding
  • awareness (brings change & transformation)
  • happiness (result of awareness)
  • love (we become fearless)
  • God (we find God)
  • truth
  • steadiness (harmony-unaffected by people, ideas, opinions, no-one can hurt or harm us anymore - no-one has power to disturb or control us anymore)
  • new reality (we are in touch with true reality)
  • we feel beauty of human existence
  • the world is fine
  • freedom
  • joy
  • we are true humans
  • we are still asses, idiots, fools while we still feel bad or depressed, but it's the part of the reality and harmony of the world