List of possible life values

Advantage,   Humility,   Vigilence,   Efficiency,   Skill,   Temptation,   Beautiful partner,   Flexibility,   Weakness,   Questions,   Systemization,   Miracles,   Prosperity/wealth,   Warmth,   Laugh,   Sacredness,   Calm, quietude, peace,   Conspiracy,   Coordination,   Science,   Empathy,   Utopia,   Security,   Congruency,   mental health,   Inquisitiveness,   Attentiveness,   Obedience,   Job,   Willingness,   Tears,   Giving,   Saving,   Intellectual status,   Service (to others, society),   Knowledge,   Risk taking,   Moral Theory,   Resourcefulness,   Dependability,   Sagacity,   Mastery,   Satisfying others,   Paradigm Subversion,   Bondage,   Perkiness,   Free will,   Impact,   Conviction,   Care,   Jesus,   Closeness,   Objective Truth,   innocence,   Exclusiveness,   Awe,   Imagination,   Confidence,   Quality of work,   Vision,   Advancement,   Conformity,   Drive,   Determination,   Industry,   Enemies,   Cordiality,   Firmness,   Reputation,   Health,   Information,   Relaxation,   Candor,   Wonder,   Change,   Philosophy,   Service,   Exhilaration,   Goals,   Work under pressure,   Mindfulness,   Friendships,   Goodness,   Living,   Conviviality,   Economic security,   Expression,   Order,   Idol,   Balance,   Accessibility,   Restraint,   Bliss,   Multi-tasking,   Guild,   Spunk,   Chaos,   Tranquility,   Popularity,   Heroism,   Benevolence,   Weapons,   Patriotism,   Pleasure,   City life,   Devoutness,   Calmness,   Accomplishment,   Excercise,   Holiness,   Fun,   Justice,   Professionalism,   Directness,   Labor,   Insightfulness,   Perfection,   Gentility,   Optimism,   Understanding,   self - discovery,   Frugality,   Quality relationsihps,   Mobility,   Quality of what I take part in,   Meticulousness,   Choice,   Nature,   Honesty,   Heritage,   Integrity,   Agonie,   Encouragement,   Financial gain,   Synergy,   Stillness,   Making a difference,   Revelation,   Fate,   Well being,   Hard work,   Love, Romance,   Authority,   Social status,   Nurturing,   Gallantry,   Location,   Pride,   Structure,   Assurance,   Completion,   Comfort,   Yourself,   Openness,   loving enemies,   Expediency,   Vivacity,   Evil,   Reconciliation,   Adoration,   Economy,   Safety,   Soundness,   Cheerfulness,   Rehabilitation,   Responsiveness,   Exhaustion,   Mellowness,   Saintliness,   Craftiness,   Motivation,   Fight,   Fortitude,   Communication,   Clear mindedness,   Collection,   Expectancy,   Unknown,   Hiding,   Outlandishness,   Dog,   Frankness,   Fast living,   Self reliance,   Control,   Compassion,   Keenness,   Conformance,   Global view,   Valor,   Vigor,   42,   Money,   Children,   Democracy,   Dignity,   Education,   Temperance,   Inventiveness,   Courage,   Secret,   Wisdom,   Support,   Entertainment,   Regularity,   Privacy,   Criticism,   Seriousness,   Supremacy,   Empowerment,   pain,   Grace,   Hope,   Chastity/Purity,   Personal Growth,   Hard-Rock,   Thoroughness,   Tradition,   Simple life,   Victory,   Supervising others,   Extravagance,   Self-reliance,   Ecological awareness,   Mysteriousness,   Hygiene,   Silence,   Hate,   Speed,   Vitality,   Enjoyment,   Duty,   Wittiness,   Prosperity,   Expressiveness,   Satisfaction,   Continuity,   Recognition,   Followship,   Country,   Partner,   Public service,   Dead,   Recognition (respect from others, status),   War,   Unflappability,   Intuition,   Time freedom,   Financial independence,   Watchfulness,   Trustworthiness,   Uniqueness,   Force,   Race,   Outrageousness,   Cleanliness, orderliness,   Richness,   Housework,   Intrepidness,   Genius,   Equality,   Training,   Work with others,   Youthfulness,   Affection,   Cleverness,   Dominance,   Philanthropy,   Buoyancy,   Stealth,   Anticipation,   loving self,   Fidelity,   Misuse,   Nice car,   Devotion,   Power,   Drugs,   Faithfulness,   Self-givingness,   Entitlement,   Rootedness,   Alignment,   Fashion,   Survival,   Competition,   Faith,   Utility,   Audience,   Independence,   Serenity,   Perfect body,   Traditionalism,   Challenging problems,   Leadership,   Advancement and promotion,   Failure,   Expertise,   Reasonableness,   Thankfulness,   Aspiration,   Timelines,   Piety,   Heart,   History,   Desire,   Prosperity, Wealth,   Punctuality,   Excitement,   Spirit in life (using),   Stability,   Maximum utilization (of time, resources),   discipleship,   Blame,   Helping other people,   Forgiveness,   Shame,   Skillfulness,   Scorn,   Agreement,   Intelligence,   Concern,   Liveliness,   Style,   Respect for others,   Lateral Thinking,   Responsibility,   Willfulness,   Family,   Being,   Prudence,   Coolness,   Sophistication,   Open mindedness,   Acknowledgement,   Selflessness,   Correctness,   Boldness,   Pioneer spirit,   Zestfulness,   Harmony,   Carefulness,   Non violence,   Collaboration,   Progress,   Pleasantness,   Friendliness,   Energy,   Celebrity,   Courtesy,   Zeal,   Sensitivity,   Individuality,   Diversity,   Sexuality,   Generosity,   Job tranqulity,   Accountability,   Women,   Pressure,   Being the best,   Rationality,   Diligence,   Prestige,   Passion,   Personal growth,   Ambition,   Intimacy,   Ugliness,   Neatness,   Hopefulness,   Excellence,   Vacation,   Beauty,   Affection (love and caring),   Disease,   Merit,   Discipline,   Men,   Transcendence,   Resilience,   Curiosity,   Fearlessness,   Camaraderie,   Maturity,   Presence,   Death,   Audacity,   Endurance,   Cunning,   Preparedness,   Creativity,   Influencing others,   Consistency,   Community,   Gregariousness,   Refinement,   Reverence,   Purpose,   Spontaneity,   Success, Achievement,   Intensity,   Teamwork,   Sympathy,   Resolve,   Aggressiveness,   Ferocity,   Scream,   Social Commentary,   Silliness,   Competence,   Adventure,   Juggling,   Friendship,   Close relationships,   Results-oriented,   Aesthetics,   Commitment,   Articulacy,   Inspiration,   Credibility,   Poise,   Humor,   Humor,   Reason,   Sport,   Status,   Happiness,   Decorum,   Realism,   Fame,   Winning,   Originality,   Books,   Standardization,   Food,   Introversion,   Bravery,   Tyran,   Television,   Accomplishment, Success,   Fear,   Reflection,   Power and authority,   Belonging,   Selfishness,   Fascination,   Honor,   Childhood,   Rule of Law,   Modesty,   Image,   Working alone,   Laughing,   Rule of law,   Certainty,   Agility,   Gentleness,   Marriage,   Brilliance,   Meaningful work,   Effectiveness,   Succeed; A will to-,   Persuasiveness,   Tidiness,   Variety,   Concentration,   Self-thinking,   Cleanliness,   People,   Depth,   Change and variety,   Lie,   Eagerness,   Potency,   Solving Problems,   Concern for others,   Abundance,   Consideration,   Fierceness,   Connection,   Adroitness,   Usefulness,   Enthusiasm,   Light,   Pray,   Order (tranqulity,stability, conformity),   Autonomy,   Research,   Growth,   Precision,   Investing,   Answers,   Hospitality,   Guidance,   Virtue,   Interdependence,   Availability,   Conversations,   Deference,   Positive attitude,   Quantum Thinking,   Learning,   Resolution,   Self - esteem,   Healthiness,   Authenticity,   Loyalty,   Undo buttons (for life mistakes),   Cat,   Respect,   Playfulness,   Delight of being, joy,   Wellness,   Polish,   Greed,   Strictness,   Practicality,   Weariness,   Influence,   Innovation,   Amusement,   Good will,   Having a family,   Warning,   Connections,   Fitness,   Impartiality,   Fixing,   Vulnerability,   Preservation,   Ingenuity,   Torture,   Purity,   Rage,   Perceptiveness,   Personal development,   Results oriented,   Clarity,   Peace, Non-violence,   Altruism,   Sacrifice,   Arts,   Emancipation,   Attractiveness,   Asceticism,   Ecstasy,   Self-respect,   Involvement,   Meaning,   Activeness,   Liberty,   Appreciation,   Dexterity,   Strength,   Liberation,   Judgement,   Animosity,   God,   Sincerity,   Discretion,   Charity,   Flow,   Antiquity,   Boycott,   Conflict,   Elegance,   Capability,   Religiousness,   Inclusiveness,   Get to corporate board,   Charm,   Affluence,   Exuberance,   Market position,   Exploration,   Fluency,   Drill,   Inner peace, calm, quietude,   Income,   Secularity,   Simplicity,   Persistence,   Cooperation,   Consciousness,   Darkness,   Alertness,   Perseverance,   Opportunity,   Insecurity,   Piracy,   Surprise,   Heavy-Metal,   Proactivity,   Recreation,   Spirit,   Shrewdness,   Assertiveness,   Life,   Ease of Use,   Tolerance,   self - awareness,   Terror,   Self control,   Leisure,   Judiciousness,   Thriftiness,   Responsibility and accountability,   Contentment,   Applause,   Focus,   Helpfulness,   Kindness,   Sharing,   Ethics,   Awareness,   Attitude,   Pragmatism,   Inner peace,   Nerve,   Danger,   Love,   Success,   Language,   Thoughtfulness,   Memories,   Experience,   Rigor,   Slave,   Sex,   Adaptability,   Logic,   Physical challenge,   Demonstration,   Content over form,   Reliability,   Delight,   Contribution,   Challenge,   Organization,   Gratitude,   All for one & one for all,   Majesty,   Inner harmony,   Longevity,   Advice,   Religion,   Intuitiveness,   Continuous improvement,   Improvement,   Solidarity,   Approachability,   Direction,   Manipulation,   Solitude,   Peace,   Psychological Control,   Decisiveness,   Unity,   Truth,   Fanaticism,   Daring,   Axiology,   Fairness,   Family feeling,   Poetry,   Good looks,   Sensuality,   Meekness,   Flair,   Fantasie,   Starvation,   Wealth,   Accuracy,   Significance,   Dreaming,   Values,   Joy,   Composure,   Having,   Physical,   self - actualisation,   Helping society,   Trust,   Extroversion,   Chastity,   Customer satisfaction,   Freedom,   Acceptance,   Sanguinity,   Discovery,   Nationality,   Animals,   Elation,   Grudge,   Rest,   Dynamism,   Achievement,   self - development,   Quality,   Performance,   Spirituality