Aliens come and make our system clean!

Playing around with apt-cpan and apt-pm made me wonder how to get them installed on fresh clean system without installing too many dependencies - preferably nothing at all. So my concern was - How to get a bunch of Perl scripts to the OS without affecting it? Then I've recalled hearing about pp and gave it a try. The result? => Alien::Debian::Apt::PM

Alien::Debian::Apt::PM is basically one huge (10MB) binary - alien-debian-apt-pm and a custom Build.PL that will create all the necessary symlinks once the basic binary is installed. Alien::Debian::Apt::PM has no dependencies besides Module::Build 0.36 so the system stays clean even when installed via CPAN shell. Other way how to "install" is to simply copy the binary to the system path and create those symlinks. See the distribution Pod for details how to install and use.

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