Way of the peaceful warrior

I've read this book, Way of the peaceful warrior, quite some time ago (~ December 2010) and wrote down my notes in Czech (as I've read the book in Czech translation).

It's a story about young man, studding university and training for world championship in gymnast. One night he finds a teacher that starts to wisely guide him. This wise man tries to show him what is behind success and achievements. Still even with his guidance, the young man has to "burn his own fingers" to learn.

I'll try to translate my notes. There are not a lot of them:

  • Only the wisest sages and fools are not changing.
  • Identify your self with what you teach, and teach only what you have identified with.
  • Milarepa was looking all around for enlightenment, but could not find the answer anywhere - but one day he met an old man, that was going down a steep mountain road, carrying back-pack on his shoulders. Milarepa instantly knew that this old man knows the secret that he is looking desperately for since ages now. "Please, brother, tell me what you know. What is enlightenment?" Old man smiled at him, put his back-pack down and straightened up his body. "Yes, I understand" told the Milarepa. "Please take my deepest thankfulness. But answer one more question for me please. What comes after enlightenment?" Old man smiled again, picked up his back-pack, put it on his shoulders and continued on his way.
  • When a blind man realize that he actually sees, does it mean that the world has changed?
  • Happiness is a full tank.
  • I had to learn how to live happy and useful life in a world that is feeling outraged when it comes across man that has no problems and doesn't race for anything any more. I found out that happy person with no specific reason for it can be pretty annoying for the others.