Thank you technology

The key, I decided, lay somewhere in the correct answer to the question, "Why does a killer in war get medal and in peace the electric chair?" In my diary I wrote on May 17, 1927: I have seen something remarkable. I was just in the movie and in the news there appeared Von Hindenburg. The people applauded. It seems people must always be enthusiastic for something. We must be careful not to direct this hunger for enthusiasm toward military. But there must be some direction.

--Robert S. Hartman

Yes, we people have an enormous over potential of doing something, enthusiastically or even fanatically. If we are not building pyramids, temples, cathedrals, monuments, castles, electronic devices, internet or space ships, we may direct our energy to something evil like war.

At the moment it seems we directed our global effort towards technology and science. Thanks to the fact that people believe in technological progress, work hard to get an expensive gadgets, spend their time with computer games, smart phones, believe in getting rich on the internet, keeps everyone busy.

That's why we should be thankful to the technology.

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