2. Weltkongress für Werte-Diagnostik

Last Friday together with Malcolm we took part on "2. Weltkongress für Werte-Diagnostik" organized by profilingvalues GmbH in München. Here's what I've learned:

  • Hartman Value Profile really does work.
  • Estimating values is the key to our decision process and it is who we are to the outside world.
  • There are people effectively doing the wrong thing.
  • One doctor a day keeps an apple away.
  • It's really hard to diagnose mental illness.
  • Every 7 years all cells in our body are replaces, so we better pay attention to what we eat.
  • Watch out for permanent stress.
  • People + spirit make the value.
  • It takes years to create healthy organization.
  • you feel. you go. The values: Discipline, Excellence, Intuition
  • Live your values.
  • If you loose your center you loose.
  • No cheap ways, but daily training brings self confidence.
  • How can we expect it when we don't live it our selves?
  • When it comes to fight, hesitation kills.
  • Unconscious competence, not knowledge.
  • Keep respect, motivate people through respect.
  • hard training → confidence → stable emotions → door to intuition
  • We either train our brain or we loose it.
  • No one can motivate us, but we our selves.
  • Wer is dieses ich?
  • Our brain changes shape based on how it is used.
  • Time for change is always now. Not in the past, not in the future. It has to happen now.
  • fight - flight - disappear
  • Brains information filtering is the key concept.
  • To pass through brains filter, information has to be: new, important, interesting, inspiring, significant, meaningful, believable(, safe?)
  • brain → 10min to form a cell, 8h to form a synapse, 24h to stabilize neurotransmitters, 28d for intuition and automatic reactions
  • Creativity is an art of putting two or more, at first incompatible or unrelated, things or ideas together.
  • There is a way how to deal with "bad" employes or non-working teams, but it needs time and patience.
  • Personal coaching is about trust.
  • Empathy is the key to people and to us.
  • 1 year is minimum time to train a coach - a minimum time for a change
  • Who will I be when I change? What will be left? Will I still be lovable?
  • When we don't see our selves we borrow sense of self from outer world and reflect on it.
  • Value what you notice or it's wasted.
  • Panic, I got to have an answer.

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