And it's all for free!


There was a huge thunderstorm that night, flash of lightning came, hit a tree that fell down on the fence. Frightened pigs were pushing tight against each other, barely looking out from their house into the rain. Once the storm was over, one of them, too tired to fell asleep went out.

"Look the fence is down!" said the little pig "For all my life I was wondering what is behind it, now I have a chance."
"There is nothing behind it, just a wilderness, despair and hunger." told the elder
"I have to see for myself." said the little one and off it was on the field on it's way to forest

After hours and hours of wandering around, up and down the hills, little pig stopped in wonder, barely able to believe it's own eyes.

"He..., hello?" said the little pig
"Hi, who are you?" answered the wild boar
"I'm sooo tired and hungry, where can I find food and shelter?" little pig was impatient.
"It's all around you, all you have to look and see. I teach you..." but wild boar could not finish her sentence
"You look so skinny, so dirty, your hair is so long, this horrible place full of high trees and all the food hidden down in the ground, it's disgusting! In my home we have a house, every couple of days a man comes and gives us fresh straw to lay on, we have big yard where we can just play around with friends, there is a big fence that is protecting us from all dangers and every day we get heaps of fresh food. And it's all for free!!! ... I just want to go home." broke the little big into tears