No pain no gain civilization


As I wrote the world doesn't have to necessarily end up in doom today, but it may start to fade out and end as we know it.

Knowing is a system, knowing is a way how we make sense out of what is happening around us, knowing is what we notice, knowing is what we ignore, knowing tells is what is right and what wrong, knowing tells us what is valuable and what isn't, knowing helps us to predict the future and take preventing actions (making our prediction never actually happen), knowing makes us judgmental so that we don't have to reevaluate every single moment, knowing pulls the future into present, knowing makes us aware and blind at the same time.

So what is the world as we know it all about?

Probably no one will ever know the world of Mayans in which their priests were cutting hearts, still beating, out of the human bodies. They knew what they were doing, it made perfect sense for them. Still we may stop to wonder - What the hell they were thinking?

Don't we always have to enslave someone so that we can profit?

What we have a chance to comprehend is our world around us, our own set of rules that guides us through the day, our evaluation of what is important and what not so much. I grew up in central Europe, for me it made perfect sense to see Christian churches with crosses everywhere, to see army promenades demonstrating military power, to see people deeply believing in education and to see new wave of prosperity, material and ¥€$ believe.

oxford-ceremony.jpg Do I have to go to school today?

Long time ago I was surprised to learn that Eastern cultures think that our religion is education. I thought for a while "What education a religion???". But thinking about it more and more I've realized that, yes, this makes sense. We do believe here in this part of the globe in education. We believe that education will bring goodness for our kids and our society. And because we believe in education we also send our kids to spend more and more years in the service of it. Yes, education, as any other religion has a faith, believe, future, followers (children), priests (teachers and professors), elders (scientists) and temples (universities). It makes perfect sense for worshipers of education. It make also perfect sense for them to look down the nose on other forms of religions, because they know their religion is the right one.

santa-muerte-jesus.jpg So what is real?

Another surprise for me was to discover that people in Mexico worship Santa Muerte. Isn't peoples fascination of death is fascinating. How come? How can several millions pray and sing songs to a skull, to a dead statue? What sense does it have? I was never bit to Mexico and never had a chance to see or understand, so I leave it as a puzzle.

You don't know??‽

Where I am and what I do know is my part of the Europe. If I would ask a worshiper of Santa Muerte how they can worship such a thing as a dead skull, he may as well drag me to the nearest catholic church and ask me how can we worship such a thing as a man nailed to a cross dieing with huge pain and suffering in such a clever way they it will maximize this torture. But that all make sense to the worshiper, because there are stories that tells something else about it. Those stories speak about a man who died for us, stories about loving Jesus and stories about heaven and hell that gives perfect sense for having this symbol.

Every end is a start for something else.

If only stories has such an enormous impact on the reality we perceive and by it the life we live, wouldn't a new stories that will start to make sense break the spell of the old ones ending the world as we know it?

How can that make sense to them?

According to Viktor E. Frankl the will for meaning is much more stronger then will for pleasure or will for power. We should not abolish our system, our current knowing or we'll go crazy. What we can do is to leave the door open for curiosity, why does this or that make sense to the others and not to us.

We can stand evil and cruelty; what we cannot stand is lack of order. If the reigning scheme of things is intact, that is, believed in, and thereby endowed with authority, then we can tolerate murder and mayhem to uphold it. But if the scheme of things falls, leaving us un unlimited freedom, we churn about in chaos until rescued by some other creed that claims our allegiance, takes our freedom, and restores order. --Allen Wheelis

Happy end-of-the-world day, let's worship it all together!

I personally have nothing against the man who believes in god - no matter what god. What I object to is the man who claims that his god is the authority for his imposing restrictions on human growth and happiness. --A. S. Neill

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