140 spell

Traditionally Twitter was 140 characters messaging tool. Some people love it because it makes everyone to be brief and clear in their tweets, some hate it because when they are about to finish the last word it say "-2" chars.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. --Albert Einstein

The interesting thing is that both haters and lovers are right. That's an amazing revelation about conversations. We can be in conflict while both sides are right! The trouble and conflict is not with the reality or truth, but that those two people doesn't share the same reality, their truths are simply not in sync.

We don't see ourselves as the problem because, in fact, we aren't. What we are saying does make sense. What's often hard to see is that what other person is saying also makes sense.
--Douglas Stone + Bruce Patton + Sheila Heen

But back to the 140 spell. May people, including me until 43 minutes ago, believe that in Twitter it's possible to use only 140 letters. Which is true, but Twitter allows to attach a picture to every single tweet. This feature many already use to tell their story with their photos. Stretching that possibility a bit more further allows for attaching screen-shot from website or e-book or taking photo of hand written text and attaching it to the tweet. That way the "Keep it simple, stupid!" rule is satisfied and we are also allowed to express our selves beyond that limitation → win-win.


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