Organized vs Free

Over the weekend we discussed with my father in law why did Communism in the east performed so badly compared to the Capitalism in the west? Why, when everything was planned and organized by the system plus every single person had to work? How come that the capitalism could fill-up their supermarkets with goods while communistic supermarkets were nearly empty? Wasn't the starting point after 1945 kind of the same for all European countries?

ideas.jpg Because at 2am we are doing what we want to and at 2pm what we have to.

Looking back at people and countries with totalitarian regimes shows the best what a system gone crazy can look like. It will enslave and suck life out of everyone and everything.

We naturally need a system, we need to believe, to have a reason why to get up from bed in the morning. Even the strongest atheists have their believe system, it's not called religion just because it's not organized.

Now Europe united in this so called "free democratic capitalistic" system. Is it better? Definitely we are free to express our opinions and the supermarkets are filled to bursting with goods, but ...

We humans create and use systems all the time, we are giving meaning to our everyday events, that is what makes us humans different from animals. When the systems serve people, people flourish, when the people serve systems, people become wasted.

Living in city of Vienna, city declared to have highest Quality of Living in the world by Mercer 2012 Quality of Living Survey, looking around in the subway or the city, I see few people smiling, most of them are simply gray. Not only their clothes are black or dark colors, but their faces does not shine. That makes me wonder what kind of system do we live in? What's our organizing principle? Is it flourishing or wasting us?


There is one simple system that unite us for thousands of years, no matter what religion or believe → and that is money. Awesome invention allowing humans to grow, invent and accomplish things that no other creature could do on this planet. We can not only adapt to our environment super fast, we can adapt or change our environment within hours by our selves.

freedom2.jpg But haven't our system gone crazy?

Modern times, modern diseases - "Burn out" syndrome appeared. What the hell is "burn out" anyway? Why are these rich and super successful people sick? Notion that time is money slipped under our skins. No matter if it's spent at work, walking in the city or watching TV. Even being fit and relaxed can be evaluated to later profit. We can count every click, catch every eye ball everywhere and then turn it into profit. We are organized, we are optimized and we are planned to be super productive! The fact is, we have a crisis...

What is our crisis really about?

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