But you are searching it wrong!

Many smart people creating amazing smart things like web searches assume and think that we know what we are looking for. But we don't. Also when we go out to "so called real world", we don't have a specific and concrete task or interest. We just go out for a walk, which it self is a first choice, but then we let things happen and enjoy the ones that caught our attention.

When we go out, our brain is amazing at exploring and hiding the world around us at the same time. We no longer notice or concentrate on walking - we walk, we no longer concentrate so much on driving - we are steering + change gears + look into mirrors + talking to our mates at the same time, we no longer listen to what others say - we are networking, we are no longer paying attention to the TV - we are entertained.

It's not about handling enormous amount of information, it's about filtering them and handling only the ones that really matter. "Indeed," suggests the neuroscientist Monte Buchsbaum, "filtering or coping with the tremendous information overload that the human eye, ear, and other sense organs can dump upon the central nervous system may be one of the major functions of the cerebral cortex." dream.png

Designing search that key feature would be eliminating and filtering could be a nice experiment into unknown, inspired by nature.

Imagine visiting my blog, that has ~160 entries at this time, and being able to filter out the ones that are out of interest for you. You may end up with one or two that you would really like but had no idea about them, or their keywords, before.

... just a dreamer