Land of the Falling Sun

»The Japanese Love Industry«

After I've watched that documentary...

  • Still wondering why relationships are perceived as "hassle", "burden" or "too much trouble"? Not only by Japanese, but also here in Europe...
  • Still wondering how come someone can be "friend" every night for money, but otherwise it will too much.
  • Still wondering how can prostitute provide sex or "relationship" couple of times a day, but girl friend will get bored after a while.
  • Still wondering how can modern "life style" kill half of the population of Japan without anyone complaining.
  • Still wondering why is it more comfortable or easy to pay then share?
  • Still wondering what is that "burden", that "hassle" or that "trouble" that we are burdening our relationships with?
  • Still wondering what is that high "price" asked by peers that it feels easier not to have relationship outside business?

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