Brother QL-1060N → printing labels from Linux

Here are my notes from configuring Brother QL-1060N label printer for Linux.

  • printer has ethernet connection and web server. it's possible to see status and set the "Power on when plugged in: ON/OFF" via web.
  • printer will power off it self after 4h of inactivity, this time can be extended or completely turned off by a software utils
  • same page has the LPR and CUPSwrapper printer drivers for i386
  • to install:
    apt-get install cups lpr
    dpkg --force-architecture -i ql1060nlpr-1.0.6-0.i386.deb
    dpkg --force-architecture -i ql1060ncupswrapper-1.0.6-0.i386.deb
  • printer options needs to be adjusted:
    • Media Size: «one that corresponds to the installed labels»
    • Quality: Give priority to print quality (slower but sharper printouts)
  • then simply from command-line:
    lp -d QL-1060N -P 1 -o fit-to-page label-single-489251060-Sport91.pdf

I like this printer, supports plenty of different label widths, can print even A5 format for DPD / TNT / UPC / Post shipping labels.