good ruin is a bad house

Yesterday we finished watching the season 1 of The Good Place fantasy-comedy-series. Proverb "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." came to my mind right after. We entered 2019 and the best we can do is to laugh about our wonky assumptions of what is good and what is bad.

The best definitions of what actually good and bad is are from Robert S. Hartman and his axiology (the science of value) theory. He is no longer alive and his followers haven't manage to spread this knowledge too broad.

The other approach to good and bad comes from guys who teach a non-judgemental approach to life like Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, Sadhguru or Anthony De Mello. For them judging good & bad is a misleading trap. Which is cute, but we do have to choose daily.

Is this really a good place or a good fake?

While worshiping man nailed to the tree, we excelled a competitive society where gaining is the means and money is the way.

Our civilization is building pyramids out of social status and cementing with fears.

The most rewarded and praised are the ones who can motivate and make others trade their lives for chasing after positions on a social ladder. The ones above are hated and the ones below are feared.

There must be a better way to life then survival through daily hate and fear. But which? Why can't we just be simply happy with who we are and what we have? Where would be the development and progress if everyone would be happily sitting crossed legged with eyes closed on his tiny spot on the earth? [asks the fear]

No pain no gain.

Isn't pain and suffering an essential trait for the prevailing culture? Isn't fear the most powerful motivation? Is there a creative struggling? Where does the good ends and bad begins? And bad ends? When do those turn good?!??

Let's just screw the bad dilemma and turn it into good fun!

Anyway wishing everyone good and happy decision making for the rest of 2019! 🍀