drill/cut/milling template for Nextion NX3224T024_011

Nextion manufactures and offers touch displays in different sizes with simple serial interface. For one project (will write about it later) I wanted to mount NX3224T024_011 (2.4” 320x240) onto the enclosure. To do this I needed a drill/cut template which I did not find on internet, so I've created one.

Couple of paper prints, two Protext Light test cutouts later and the template was tested enough to do the drilling and cutting on my single piece of plastic enclosure.

"programming" vector drawing

Because I'm a software developer and so used to do the things in a programming way, instead of measuring and drawing using mouse in a vector program, I've created a program that draws for me - using couple of fix variables and calculating the rest of relative coordinates and dimensions. The nextion-nx3224t024_011.pl script that generated this template is now part of examples for Math::CG Perl distribution that I've started while learning about computational geometry. The goal is to be able to use full power of Perl programming languages to express vector graphics.

As an alternative I cold have used OpenSCAD or parametric modelling in FreeCAD, but those use their own "languages" to code graphics.