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2019-10-30T21:32:00 by Jozef

Own BLOB Server

Just uploaded dbedia::blob to CPAN.  

2019-10-13T15:39:00 by Jozef

¿To think is to forget?

Here are my notes from a book "Moon walking with Einstein - The Art and Science of Remembering Everything" by Joshua Foer.  

2019-10-06T18:30:21 by Jozef

ATmega UNI Power Shield

Notes about prototyping power shield for ATmega UNI.  

2019-10-06T12:34:10 by Jozef

Bowling Abend

🎳 @Bowlingcenter Cumberland  

2019-10-03T21:06:21 by Jozef

Little buggers...

A random collection of bugs and insects and what ever felt into category of little buggers that crossed my way.  

2019-10-01T11:59:41 by Jozef

TI TM4C123 ARM programming class

On-line microcontroller programming class anyone?