ATmega UNI Power Shield

Notes about prototyping power shield for ATmega UNI.

1st version

Experimenting around having 3.3V and 5V from a small shield.

KiCAD schematics+PCB are on GitHub.

Generally works, but it's too thick to put any shield on the top of the UNI board, so will have to rework.

See also ATmega-UNI post

2nd version

With Power Jack removed so it can be soldered directly on a board below.

3rd version

Like 2nd version but with break-away power jack part, which did not had all the break-away holes as expected.

4th version

Like 3nd version but with working break-away holes. This time ordered using "⚡Blitz Manufacturing" at Aisler. Placed order on 4.11. (Monday) late in the night, envelope arrived to my postbox in Vienna today on 11.11 (Monday) = in exactly one week.

5th version

2x LDOs (one on each side → 5V & 3.3V up-to 1A), 1x diode and 2x capacitors: