Yet another refurbished Lamp

Refurbished an old lamp with a spot-light.

Had an old Ike lamp with broken switch and a left-over spot-light and thought may be the lamp could get a second chance.

As you can see on the pictures I've finally built it, but maybe it wasn't that much of a good idea and probably that lamp deserved to be retired.

Besides plastic being already a little yellowish, which could be still good for a workshop, the may design flaw of that lamp is that these metallic support rods are also used to lead 12V to the bulb. In the presence of metallic and/or voltage sensitive objects this could lead to a little disaster. Also that lamp had a heavy transformer ~220→~12V which was also keeping the stability of this lamp. The spot-light adapter is really lightweight compared to the spot-light it self and so I had to put stone (!) into the bottom of the lamp to prevent it from falling over.

All in all it was one of the less useful but still fun projects. The take-away is that I like the spot lights-light and will try to build it inside some other custom made lamp.