ATmega328P base schematics and components

Minimal boostrap for ATmega328P based project

To rename set PROJECT_NAME env:

export PROJECT_NAME=sixservo

and clone/update/create new git/project repo:

git clone https://github.com/jozef/atmega328p-base
mv atmega328p-base $PROJECT_NAME
rm -rf .git LICENSE Makefile README*
ls | perl -lanE '$f=$b=$_;$b=~s/atmega328p-base//; system("mv", $f, $ENV{PROJECT_NAME}.$b)'
perl -lanE 's/atmega328p-base/$ENV{PROJECT_NAME}/;say $_' -i $PROJECT_NAME*
git init
git add .
kicad $PROJECT_NAME.pro


Created also demo-board PCB that has all the pins 1 to 1 on header pin/socket aroung the board: