Let There Be Work Light

LED panel for my workbench in basement.

Bought a Tween Light LED-Panel 40 W, WeiƟ, L x B x H: 120 x 30 x 5 cm from Bauhaus labeled with "Aus der Werbung". According to the website it was suppose to be giving 5.500 lm of light. As I found out in the shop, it wasn't. On the box is Lumen[without cover] 5100lm and Lumen[with cover] 3600lm.

Anyway 3600lm is still a lot of light for a basement low ceiling and I was in the shop so I've bought it and installed it, work well.

Still no clue what they mean with "without cover". I've tried to open it (there are many screws on the back) and found out that the light is actually one led stripe on one long side that produces light which is then dispersed through the cover plastic-glass.

Now there is enough light to work and also make good photos from the workbench.

A friend of mine suggested nearly half-price and stronger Wannenleuchte from Hornbach. From the pictures it looks they have two LED stripes for the 120cm body length. Can give it a try - next time, in a next place, next house or next life.