Vortex funnel design

How to make maker busy for a weekend? Ask him to pour water from bucket into bottle. 💪

3D design source files:

To be printed with 0.6mm nozzle.

Reddit feedback

Got an lot of good feedback from r/functionalprint and so will sum it up all here too:

At first I've designed this vortex shape actually to form holes/vents for the air to go out, as this is problem with common glass funnels. That water gets a spin and flow is going really well is actually a nice goodie.

Here's video with water flowing in and also vents showcase:

so no I can't and here's some more water and air too:

vortexing edged water stream visible towards the end of the flow

the bottle was filled with smoke first, note the faint "cloud" going out

Basically what I did for that twist was first to define 4 planes, draw hexagons on the top one and then copy & pasted that one sketch one layer down at the time twisting 20° and sizing down by ⅓. Once all sketches were in place I've created the additive loft over them.

Funnels seems be important for resin based printing.

Interesting person this Viktor Schauberger

Like this question actually. I've designed it with what I've learned about printing water tight and that is the walls are exactly 2 perimeters when printing with 0.6mm nozzle. With seam set to near, there is nearly no retraction points over the print time. This worked for vertical walls, but not so much for these under the angel. May be when printed with 0.4mm nozzle there will be 3 perimeters and the walls would be without micro holes in them. Or using SLA printer may do the trick, they are suppose to print water tight.

It's a parametric design and one of the parameters I have is the angle of the cone. With 45° there are just some micro holes in the walls. With 50° many:

top with 45°

top with 50°

Early model: