I understand ≠ I agree

harmless ≠ harmless | fear ≠ fear

Recently I had a good talk with my old friend and our discussion went into "the topic of these days". He congratulated my country Austria for approval of mandatory vaccination by national council. Well...

So there we have on one side 137 for vs 33 mandates in national council for mandatory vaccination and 250+ thousand vaccinations per week → the main-stream. On the other side are open letters signed by hundreds of doctors and 40+ thousand people on demonstrations every Saturday in Vienna many more daily in whole of Austria.

What drives the ones and what drives the others? To me it was puzzling why would all these nice people (my work colleges, friends and family) around me, that I personally know, suddenly want to treat me with some law enforced experimental genetically based drug? One good recommendation in such puzzling situation is → go figure out the fear. There is obviously strong fear that this virus is a killer virus which poses life threatening danger to anyone. In that respect all is logical and any measure make sense, is justified - masks, checks, lock-downs, border-closures, law enforced drugs, etc. I see! I understand! But I just can not agree.

So there we have it people with "This vaccine is harmless!" vs "This virus is harmless!", both claiming scientific facts to their thesis. Who will judge? Hey we have democracy, let the majority decide. And so we ended up with mandatory vaccination in Austria. Congratulations to majority for oppressing the minority! After next elections who knows who will be the next majority that will oppress the minority. Would be funny-sad-true story for some eastern development country, but for Austria it's pretty bitter.

Mr president signed mandatory vaccination law without hesitation, right within next day after federal council. He obviously also does not see any human-rights problem with enforcing experimental drugs on his people and doesn't care about 30+% of Austrian population that despite all the misery that government imposed on them in recent months rejected this measure.

Our current politicians are lousy doctors, even worse psychologists and none of the leaders. Our society here is a ruin. History used to cheer up the brave, the fearless heroes who were willing to risk, do everything and even die for their cause and for the freedom. Now governing society looks down at such ones as a social threat. Current government propaganda is for emptiness, stay at home and fear invisible thread - Do nothing, go nowhere, meet nobody and most of all fear! Otherwise you are not one of us!!! Wait but why? Do I really want to be? If that is how our society is suppose to run, then I'm quitting. Good bye. 👋 I can design much better world in my head or on my computer than this.

Wien ist anders → thousands of people demonstrating weekly for their freedom...


What next? More demonstration? More Wiederstand?

For sure interesting twist in history, curious to see what will happen, what comes next. Would prepare pop-corn and beer and watch this with excitement if I my self wouldn't be actual part of this cheep B movie...