mini+ sister with base

Prusa MK3S+ got a Mini+ sister, here some pictures and notes.


The only change I did to the original was the way heat-bed power cables are attached. (see commands below Step 21 Assembling the heatbed and/or MK3 style heatbed cover Prusa Mini.

Printing Mini+ Base

here Prusa blog post about it

Little problem

Had adhesion, under-extrusion and stringing problems in the beginning. It turned out that I hat the idler tension too tight and I've also had to clean extruder inside and reinsert the PTFE tube as described here. After that I'm having nice prints now.

Happy 👍

All in all after couple of months now, I'm happy with the printer. The print volume is smaller 19x19x19cm than MK3S, but not that much and everything bigger takes ages to print so it makes sense to redesign and split into parts anyway.