Shelf for flowers

Constructed shelf for flower pots - 48 x 41 x 25 cm (W x H x L)


  • 3x 19 x 29 x 2400 mm - wooden flat bar (9003719874055)
  • 2x 05 x 29 x 2400 mm - wooden flat bar (9003719879821)
  • 2x 8x50 screw + 4x 8.4x25 wascher + 2x M8 nut
  • 8x 6x60 wood screw
  • 26x 2.5x17 wood screw
  • (cost me about 33€ sourced from Bauhaus)

Wood cuts:

  • 8x 19 x 29 x 430 mm
    • 4x of them drill ø8 mm hole in the middle, two ø6 mm holes on the ends
    • 4x of them drill two ø3.5 mm holes sidewise
  • 4x 19 x 29 x 410 mm
  • 18x 5 x 29 x 250 mm

Then assemble according to the video: First two crosses from 430 mm bars, then attach 430 mm bars with 6mm screws, then make two shelves from the rest that can be simply placed on top without attaching.

It would be possible to stack these X-es on each other, when more floors needed, with a slight modification. If I ever make such one, will add here some pictures.