Sadhguru in Vienna

Today and tomorrow Sadhguru is visiting Vienna to promote his last initiative - Save Soil.

27.3.2022 @Maria-Theresien-Platz


and there he is among the crowd!

Video of Sadhguru arriving on a motorbike and being there for a short time and a short speech:

Was nice to see him in person, even for such a short time, he has a nice personality. Obviously Sadhguru is a celebrity - comes and goes, protected by the "organizers". Just across the street on Heldenplatz, there was a huge beneficial concert event for Ukraine. In this atmosphere I would like to ask Sadhguru - Why do people always need to save something or someone. Anyway the singing and dancing even after Sadhguru left to the Soil Song was cheerful.

28.3.2022 @Congress-Center

(come together song)

(save soil song)

This time a loooong speech from Sadhguru, many of it what can be hear on Youtube, but live is much more alive. I find it interesting that he claims that happiness is a matter of following the manual to our selves. But no one was handing out any manuals out there. The queues to buy green save-soil t-shirts and hoodies were too long so we just enjoyed Sadhgurus talk and went back home. If find his Conscious Plane / Save Soil initiative really practical and way better than any other ecological initiative I've seen so far. So crossing fingers and hoping he'll get far with convincing governments around our small planet.

#Sadhguru #SaveSoil #ConsciousPlanet #;-)