3D printed 5.5m gutter

Around May 2021 I've started desiging 3D printable gutter for my balcony.

First version in 2021 was a half success, I did manage to design a 3D printable gutter in 20cm pieces that could be joined together, but the hooks, even carefully adjusted did not form a steady downhill level so the water was not flowing completely away and was dripping through my joints for days after the rain. The joints were not glued so that I would be possible to take apart and rework the whole thing, they were just sealed with lubricant.

Winter 2021 I've took the whole gutter down again. It was full of leaves and dirt.

Spring 2022 I've redesign the hooks to be fully adjustable and made a new wider opening for the drain. This way the water flows fully away during the rain.

Work for now, better than without. For sure some gutter guard would be great and it seems that it would be good it it could be wider and also under the balcony wooden wall. Planning to install some solar panels on the balcony face, so it may sense to adjust anything only after that.