6temp → six temperature measurement points, one I2C device

Needed to measure 4 water temperatures, had created I2C device using Arduino with color led temperature indication.

NOTE this is unfinished project and so I'll keep on adding more text & images as it goes on.

first there was a prototype

Soldered together the prototype hardware and wrote firmware and I2C library for it to be used in master Arduinos.


  • I2C device
  • fixed positions readings of up to six 1-wire temperature sensors
  • visual indication of temperature or error using red(pwm)&blue(on-off) led

then Arduino UNO shield #1

Using KiCAD designed schematics and PCB:

Had to also create schematic libraries and footprints for Arduino UNO shield and Arduino Pro Mini along the way.

Sent this pcb to Aisler for manufacturing and it 100% matched the original Arduino UNO plastic holder - good job there:


  • standard size UNO shield PCB
  • on-board R/B leds, each enabled/disabled by jumper

possible improvements:

  • some pin holes unusable due to being too close to Arduino Pro Mini pcb
  • 3x extra UNO pins skipped
  • no second row of UNO pin holes
  • 6 jumpers needed
  • labels only no one side of rgb/1-wire holes
  • sixtemp sensor serial cmd/debug pins only on top
  • could be made into a generic 6xPWN + 6xDigital pins shield

then Arduino UNO shield #2

Base on the experiences from the #1 version ^^^ now working on a next one.

and so to be continued...

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