And the way out is in.

Here are my notes from book "Inner Engineering" by Sadhguru. He writes basically that it's possible to sit eyes closed, or even open, and be joyful and happy no matter what is, was or would be around. And the way to it is yoga, or a yoga or if you need an alternative then the yoga. Interesting living (!) person this Sadhguru, would really like to meet him in person one day.

  • p5 A guru is someone who dispels darkness, someone who opens the door for you.
  • p12 I also saw that language was no more than a conspiracy devised by human beings. If someone spoke, I realized they were making sounds, and I was making up the meanings. So, I stopped making up meaning and the sounds became very amusing. I could see patterns spewing out of their mouths. If I kept staring, the person would just disintegrate and turn into a blob of energy. Then all that was left was patterns!
  • p15 Everybody is a psychological creature, wanting to assign meaning to everything. Seeking is not about looking for something. It is about enhancing your perception, your very faculty of seeing.
  • p23 There is something within every human being that dislikes boundaries, that is longing to become boundless. Human nature is such that we that we always yearn to be something more than what we are right now. No matter how much we achieve, we still want to be something more. If we just looked at this closely, we would realize that this longing is not for more; this longing is for all. We are all seeking to become infinite.
  • p25 Somehow, for a human being, life doesn't seem to end with survival; life begins with survival.
  • p29 past 150 years are proof that technology will only bring comfort and convenience to us, not well-being.
  • p34 Human life is longing for unlimited expansion, and that is the only thing that will settle you for good.
  • p35 In pursuit of human happiness, we are ripping the planet apart.
  • p36 The reason why everyone is not naturally enlightened is simply this: people have categorized the world into good and bad, God and Devil, high and low, sacred and filthy, pure and impure, heaven and hell. These are parallel lines that will never match.
  • p37 To attain the ecstasy of borderless unity, which is our natural state, all you need to do is live the guideline that all human experience is generated from within - either with the support of external stimuli or without.
  • p38 The only way out is in.
  • p46 Judgments about good and bad are essentially human and socially conditioned. These are fine as social norms. But existence is not concerned with these conclusions. Existence is not judgmental. It treats all of us the same way.
  • p50 What you considered to be your body is what you have gathered through ingestion. What you considered to be your mind is what you have gathered through the five senses. What is beyond that - which you did not gather - is who you are.
  • p63 "I am not responsible" makes you unwilling to get along with anyone -until you can't even get along with yourself.
  • p70 Momentarily, you surrender just a little, usually when you need something. Your love affairs are the product of very calculated surrender. But food, which is a life unto itself, gives itself up completely to become a part of you.
  • p71 No matter who you are or what you have achieved, you still want a little more than what you have right now.
  • p83 Yoga is not about being superhuman; it is about realizing that being human is super.
  • p92 To journey from the boundary-base individual body to the boundless source of creation - this is the very basis of the spiritual process.
  • p103 Your body is like a barometer. If you know how to read it, it can tell you everything about you and the world around you. The body never lies. So in yoga, we learn to trust the body. We transform the physical body from a series of compulsions of flesh, blood , and hormones into a conscious process, a powerful instrument of perception and knowing. If you know how to read the body, it can tell you your potential, your limitations, even your past, present, and future.
  • p135 Human problem is not enough attention, but too much information.
  • p143 If the body is at a certain level of alertness and awareness you will see that once it is well rested, it will awake - that is, if it is eager to come to life. If it is somehow trying to use the bed as a grave, then it is a problem. Keep the body in such a way that it is not longing to avoid or escape life. Maintain it in such a way that it is longing to come awake.
  • p146 These two energies, which in the human race we call "masculine" and "feminine," are always trying to come together. At the same time, except for longing to be together, they are opposites. If they look for similarities, there seems to be little common ground, but the attraction of the opposite is always there.
  • p146 If you look at modern societies, I would say probably ninety percent of human energy is being spent either pursuing or avoiding sex.
  • p147 No other creature on the plane has the kind of problems with sex that humans have. With animals, the urge is present in their body at certain times; otherwise they are free from it. With humans it is on their minds all the time.
  • p153 Death is not the end of life. Death is simply the end of body.
  • p163 The intellect cannot laugh; it can only dissect.
  • p185 Most people who believe they are virtuous are hard to live with.
  • p185 Avoiding something is not freedom from it.
  • p188 you need some intelligence to create disturbance and chaos.
  • p197 I have never touched any substance, but if you look into my eyes you will see that I am always stoned. I am totally drunk and fully aware. This is one of the pleasures that the science of yoga offers.
  • p199 People have physical, psychological, emotional, financial, and social needs to fulfill. To fulfill these needs, one of the best ways is to tell someone, "I love you." This so-called love has become something of an "open sesame" mantra. You can get what you want by saying it.
  • p199 Love is a quality, not something to do with somebody else.
  • p200 Love is never between two people. It is what happens within you, and your interiority need not be enslaved to someone or something else.
  • p201 People who believe something often think they are superior to others. All that happens the moment you believe something is that your stupidity acquires confidence.
  • p206 A mystic is unwilling to draw conclusions. The rest have glorified their conclusions as knowledge. The fool just enjoys whatever little he knows and one who has seen life in its utmost depth enjoys it absolutely. The rest are the ones who constantly struggle and suffer.
  • p207 An idiot can sit here quietly. A mystic can sit here quietly. The rest cannot.
  • p211 Yoga means to experience the mental and physical process distinctly, not as the basis of yourself, but as that which is caused by you. If you manage these two instruments of body and mind consciously, then your experience of life is one hundred percent of your making. All you need to do is create a distance between you and everything that you accumulated from outside.
  • p213 Pain is bad enough; why make it worse with suffering?
  • p214 "Karma" literally means "action." Action is of three kinds. It could be in terms of the body, mind, or energy. Whatever you do with your body, mind, or energy, leaves a certain residue. This residue forms a pattern of its own, and these resultant patterns stay with you. When you gather a huge volume of impressions, slowly these shape themselves into tendencies, and you become like an automatic toy, a slave to your patterns, a puppet of your past.
  • p221 Try this. Sit alone for five minutes and see what your life would be like if you were absolutely alone in this world. If there were nobody or nothing to compare yourself with, what would you truly long for? What would really matter to you if there were no external appreciation or critique? If you do this every day, you will become aligned with the longings of the life that you are, rather than the accumulated karmic mess that you believe you are.
  • p229 The purpose of yoga is to activate your energy system in such a way that your body consciousness is constantly being lowered, so you can sit here in the body, but are no longer the body.
  • p262 My life's work has been dedicated to empowering human beings to take charge of their own destinies and bringing them to a state of joyful inclusiveness so that the possibility that we are does not pass us by as a generation. Your joy, your misery, your love, your agony, your bliss, lie in your hands. There is a way out. And the way out is in.

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