OO spacer 2

Second plastic spacer made. This time with expectations.

My wife came to me that she noticed a plastic part missing and that I, as an enthusiastic 3D printed owner, should print it. Sure, I did. The funny, part of this was that after about an hour me sitting by the computer and drawing in FreeCAD, she camed, looked and asked: "Are you still working on that?". She was surprised that such a small part takes so long. We'll it's not about the size, it's about the features and shapes that has to be all measured, entered and clicked-into the CAD software. This part has 11 parametric variables to be as it is. At the end it took 1 hour and 45 minutes to draw, afterwards 45min to print. And it fitted on first try and it works. 😎

With the abundance of items that are just sitting there in every shop, it's hard to know how much time and effort they all may cost to design and produce. Products are cheap and available because they are produced for many millions and there the costs are broken down. In the life-cycle of products, consumers support stuff they buy.

(printed part printed with Prusament PETG Signal White is not that snow white as the original part)
(printed part, with brim around, next to the original one)
(first one, right-down, tested & replaced)
(all replaced)