Entropy? Hold my beer.

There is meaning to life and it's not really just 42. The higher forms of life and energy doesn't arise out of nowhere and just for fun of it self. Do they?

The meaning of life is to preserve and further develop life itself. And life? It is the opposite of natural decay and a counteraction to the material tendencies towards equilibrium - the entropy.

Or in other words, we are given our short lifespan to help create something more complex than there was before and that naturally would not be there. Can also be simply described as beauty.

For a matter to fall apart, we actually don't have to do anything, we just have to wait. Everyone can break a Lego sport car into 1000 pieces with just one throw on to the floor, no one will ever put one together by throwing random Lego blocks billion-times on one pile.

By that we can easily land in the religious term like "judgment day" which is pretty much loaded with emotions like fear. But there isn't much to fear. In this context it just mean that one day that one who designed our time and space will evaluate what have we done with what's has been given to us. Afterwards it will be his choice to keep, adjust or rework this life design. In either case we are part of this experiment and can enjoy this roller coaster ride.

Entropy? Not today!! 😎