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2011-07-22T06:08:10+01:00 by jozef

On Bullshit


2011-07-15T15:15:07+01:00 by jozef

If you like it, share it.


2011-07-14T06:52:07+01:00 by jozef

Even beyond our individual skills, possibilities and limitations


2011-07-12T06:57:19+01:00 by jozef



2011-07-06T06:51:52+01:00 by jozef

Love - Hate MindMap


2011-07-05T06:32:19+01:00 by jozef

List of possible life values


2011-07-01T06:23:02+01:00 by jozef

Friendships and Relationships


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