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2011-09-30T06:37:50+01:00 by jozef

Aliens come and make our system clean!


2011-09-21T16:54:18+01:00 by jozef

My YAPC::EU::2011 talk evaluation


2011-09-18T12:53:16+01:00 by jozef

Thank you technology


2011-09-16T06:36:02+01:00 by jozef

02packages.dependencies.txt.gz && apt-cpan


2011-09-14T06:27:51+01:00 by jozef

Way of the peaceful warrior


2011-09-06T06:07:43+01:00 by jozef

Notebook of Mignon


2011-09-02T06:04:08+01:00 by jozef

Server-side web tracking


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