ATmega on DIN rail

Notes about Arduino UNO board on DIN rail.

For a project to make heating control element, I've prototyped Arduino UNO board with Nextion display and one shield that fits in plastic box that can be attached on a DIN rail.

1st version

Mostly hand soldered, but with a KiCAD schematics and PCB to help get the wireing right. Arduino UNO has Sixtemp shield on it. The goal is to read 4x temperatures (2x absolute, one differential), set the temperature limits on a touch display and see the signal levels.

See also: base plane outlines, drill/cut/milling template for Nextion NX3224T024_011, Arduino-TextCMD for serial communication with microcontroller over usb and microcontroler to the Nextion

What next?

If ever anyone needs, could be further made into a universal board that fits into the plastic casing and offered as full set where signal pins could be just wired with external connectors to do any control job.