Is it so bad (with new ideas) that Elon Musk hast to invest loads of money into Twitter?

Why would Elon pour so much money into something like Twitter is beyond my understanding, yet it raises another interesting question → What will you do with your wealth instead, if you'll be Elon Musk?

If I'll posses the wealth of Elon I'll create an "Elon's Prize" platform awarding exceptional people alike "Nobel Prize", but unlike Nobel Prize, in thousands of fields, not just 5. To allow for challenge, competition and rewarding of people who make our lives, with their innovations or contributions, better and worth living on this planet. As a side effect I could redirect anyone who will come to see me to get my interest and mostly to get my money there and I won't have to bother with endless demands. By that may be I'll figured out who is a real friend and who not. Although with that kind of wealth, that's an impossible feat. If I'll posses the wealth of Elon, I'll try to steer innovation and brilliant ideas towards making life in remote rural areas convenient and allow people to grow and expand there where they are. Starting with reliable and affordable electricity, internet connection, water supply/storage, gardening and all kind of ways how to sustain independent balanced remote living anywhere on the planet. We don't have to colonize Mars, there is enough land around the globe, but for most of it, it is hard to live there.

Being one of the richest men on the planet is somebody else problem, so no real need to deal with it. A more realistic vision to deal with, but still a dream, is what would one do with guaranteed income, that is having income and not having to go to work on ideas of somebody else. Well in that case, I'll design and build a house with garden from ground up as much of it on my own as I could. Would probably take many years, but it would be fun to challenge all of the conventional building components. Of the more realistic things to do with my current time and budget would be to continue working on 3D-printed models and bring some of them to be available to buy for everyone. I could also bring new version of meon::Web to use. The first version is a good proof-of-concept (running couple of websites, this blog and webshop) of now powerful and flexible file based CMS can be. Before I've started with 3D-printing I've also started couple of electronic based projects like lIllI robot and ATmega UNI. Those could use a lot of my time. So many things to do, so limited time, how to choose? Life is about making choices, choices and choices! That's what they say. And even such people as Elon has to choose.