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2022-04-30T21:23:00 by jozef

Is it so bad (with new ideas) that Elon Musk hast to invest loads of money into Twitter?

Why would Elon pour so much money into something like Twitter is beyond my understanding, yet it raises another interesting question →… 

2022-04-24T18:23:00 by jozef

Aquaponic Gardening

Here are my notes from book "Aquaponic Gardening - a step-by-step guide to raising vegetables and fish together" by Sylvia Bernstein. … 

2022-04-24T16:43:00 by jozef

Solar Electricity Handbook

Here are my notes from book "Solar Electricity Handbook - 2021 Edition - A simple, practical guide to solar energy - designing and installing … 

2022-04-23T11:42:00 by jozef

There was nothing to do at home, so I went out.

Here are my notes from book "Factory girls - voices from the heart of modern China" by Leslie T. Chang who reported about lives, motiv… 

2022-04-20T15:29:00 by Jozef

3D printed 5.5m gutter

Around May 2021 I've started desiging 3D printable gutter for my balcony.